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Candy Express® Market Position
Candy Express® was established in 1988 by David, Joel, and Michael Rosenberg -- third generation retailers -- to take advantage of what they perceived to be an untapped market in the confectionery industry. By employing highly effective purchasing and merchandising strategies combined with a unique and creative store environment, Candy Express® has developed a specialty retail concept that generates high sales volumes in an efficient and effective operating system.
Candy Express® is the only U. S. confectionery concept that combines the traditional method of retailing high end chocolates and confections in refrigerated cases along with the contemporary "pick & mix" format for retailing bulk candies. The addition of the bulk format adds a whole new market segment to the traditional candy and confection business.
Further, the younger customer, often not inclined to shop at a traditional confectionery store, is attracted to the fun filled Candy Express® concept which translates into higher sales with a store that offers mass appeal. The appeal of a Candy Express® store is instant gratification to the customer, convenience of purchase, enormous selection of product, quality of presentation and the "entertainment factor."
The primary market for Candy Express® stores has been high profile street locations, shopping malls, airports and transportation terminals. An important area of expertise that Candy Express® provides is its ability to create specialized formats to fit the needs of different retail situations. In the past, examples of these formats have included Candy Express® stores within department stores, Candy Express® departments within supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as the traditional retail locations.
In addition, Candy Express® has license agreements with countries worldwide to operate the Candy Express® concept in those countries. Candy Express® provides these licensees with a complete range of services which includes assistance with site selection, store design and construction, delivery of all fixtures and products, on-site training from its 541 page operations manual, store merchandising and grand opening. There is continuing support to maintain high levels of productivity through ongoing inventory analysis and product development. Candy Express® will also assist in obtaining exclusive distribution rights for licensees from many of its U. S. candy manufacturers.

The Company
Candy Express® is a unique candy retailing organization that provides exciting product merchandising through a system of creative store designs and a strikingly colorful presentation of confectionery products. Candies are sold primarily at a single per pound price in a self-serve "pick-n-mix" format.

Candy Express® has utilized a high performance strategy in developing the most sophisticated quality chocolate, confectionery, candy and gift retail format found in the marketplace today.
Candy Express® is positioning its brand through its product offerings and store designs, which are both distinctive for quality and innovation, through its high standards of operations and through convenience and entertainment for the consumer. The Candy Express® brand is recognized in the consumer’s mind as the place to purchase "old favorites" as well as the latest in new, innovative confection. As part of a longer-range strategy a global Candy Express® distribution system warrants proprietary confections have been developed exclusively for Candy Express®.
       Ideal locations targeted for Candy Express® stores are major shopping mall locations, airports and transportation terminals. However, high profile shopping street locations, college towns, and theme and amusement parks represent significant opportunities for business expansion and brand enhancement.

Candy Express® Facts
Capitalizing on the fact that the U. S. Department of Commerce reported that the sale of candy and other confectionery products represents a $24.3 billion retail market and that the growth trend is continuing at a robust pace, Candy Express® is considered one of today’s hot franchise opportunities.
The industry has succeeded in attracting more customers to purchase more frequently, thereby significantly stimulating total consumption. Major factors contributing to the industry’s growth are indicated in trends in consumer lifestyles, with dual income families producing more disposable income, less time for food preparation and increasingly hectic lifestyles. Sales of convenient ready-to-eat indulgent foods are at an all time high and growing rapidly.

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