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If you've been looking for the right franchise business in the U.S., look no further! Candy Express® offers an unparalleled opportunity to grow a successful and rewarding business.

Franchising in Today’s Economy

According to the Department of Commerce statistics almost 70% of all "independent" businesses fail within the first five years. Franchises have nearly a 95% annual success rate.
The reasons for such a high success rate may be easy to understand. Franchising eliminates the two major obstacles to the success of all new businesses: management expertise and inefficient use of capital. Franchisees inherit a proven track record, with proven management systems. In essence, the Franchiser has already made the mistakes and developed the proper strategies for success.
The Candy Express® Franchising management team created and implemented an easy-to-learn system that empowers franchise owners with every available advantage to succeed. At world headquarters we take pride in offering you access to one of the most reasonable, well-structured, franchise programs available. Our concept is to keep your investment low, the operation simple, and to offer customers the finest quality candies and confections available anywhere. All members of our franchise family enjoy the freedom that comes with owning, managing and operating their own business.

Candy Express®
The Franchise Opportunity

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In business as in life, experience often proves the surest path to success.

Quality drives our success. A systematic franchising program gives you access to the know-how and expertise you will need to be successful. With more than forty years of retailing experience, the management of Candy Express® has acquired a level of knowledge and expertise few businesses can rival -- a vital advantage in specialty retailing where market conditions change rapidly. Candy Express® has the unique merchandising mix, creative décor, and efficient operating system you need to be successful.
The Candy Express® franchise program now opens up one of the most exciting and dynamic retail opportunities to people who want to own a business.

Every aspect of the program has been thoroughly tested and proven.
The Candy Express® management team has developed a total turnkey approach to getting its franchisees off to the best start possible.It is a program built around comprehensive classroom and field training as well as intensive on-site, Grand Opening assistance provided by experienced Candy Express® managers.
To assist Candy Express® franchisees in becoming the most successful and profitable business people possible, Candy Express® maintains a capable staff of seasoned executives and managers. The Candy Express® veteran support team stands ready to assist and advise each franchisee in every facet of the business.
The retailing industry is extremely receptive to an aggressive franchise that can capitalize on the vast specialty retail candy market. With more than forty years of general retailing experience, Candy Express® management claims a unique and commanding position in this exciting industry. As a franchisee, you can share in the growth and opportunity that Candy Express® presents

The Market

The U. S. Department of Commerce reports that per capita consumption of candy in fiscal year 1995 surpassed 25 pounds per person for the first time.
Sales of 25.5 pounds per person represent a 4% increase over 1995. The figures show that candy consumption in the U. S. has continued to rise briskly.
The department’s 2002 report estimates consumption of confections at $15.8 billion with consistent percentage yearly increase and average margins in the 30 - 40% range. Chocolate candy alone increased 5.9% over the prior year.
Major factors contributing to the industry’s growth are manifested by recent trends in consumer lifestyles. The continued evolution of dual income families has resulted in more disposable income, less time for food preparation, and increasingly hectic lifestyles. Sales of convenient, ready-to-eat indulgent foods are at an all time high and growing rapidly.

Candy Express® is tapping the potential of an expanding candy market.

Employing highly effective purchasing and merchandising strategies with a unique and creative store environment, Candy Express® has developed a specialty retail concept that generates high volume sales in an efficient and effective operating system.
Through its aggressive franchise program Candy Express® combines the enthusiasm, dedication, and energy of independent business people with the talents and experience of its Headquarters staff. We welcome you to be part of the program!

Support Prior to Start-up

Site Selection & Development -- Candy Express® top management will be assisting in selecting and developing your store site. Over twenty years of experience in demographic analysis and site selection will be applied to these critical first steps.
Lease Negotiations -- Candy Express® also has an expert lease negotiator on its staff who will help get the site you want and on the best possible terms.
Initial Training -- Every aspect of operating a Candy Express® Store is covered during a 2-week session, which is approximately 1 week in Staff Headquarters and 1 week in the field at an actual store. Candy Express® managers and executives will share their expertise and knowledge in their respective fields, with an emphasis on actual situation demonstration and "hands on" participation.
Operations Manual -- This 541 page Manual is your reference and textbook for "how to" and "what to" do to successfully operate your business. Policies and procedures cover, in detail, each area of a Candy Express® business.
Grand Opening -- One of our field supervisors will be at your side to get your business off to the best possible start. There is nothing like actually being there to make sure all the bases are properly covered, and that all questions, no matter how trivial, get answered on the spot.

On-Going Operational Support

Coaching -- Each Candy Express® franchisee will be assigned to one of our field supervisors. All supervisors have had extensive experience in operating a Candy Express® Store.
-- After your Grand Opening, where we will make certain your shelves are stocked with the proper selection of the best merchandise, we will be keeping you abreast of new items.
-- The Candy Express® Headquarters staff, with their broad background in the field of advertising and promotion, will provide on-going, exciting, promotional packages so each Candy Express® store looks new and vital to maximize seasonal sales, meaning bigger profits for you!
Accounting and Business Management
-- You will receive instruction in all aspects of managing a Candy Express® Store and a complete supply of necessary forms to operate and track your business. All Candy Express® personnel are very experienced in using these forms and systems, and can help any franchisee become a first rate store manager regardless of your background.

Training & Services

  • The Candy Express® Operating System. The company's retailing concept has been thoroughly tested and has the potential to generate high volume sales in an efficient and effective operating system. Based on a history of store performance, it is obvious that the Candy Express® program works and can be readily duplicated.
  • Our Management Team is On Your Team. We are only a phone call away. We are here, always ready to help you whenever you need help. As soon as you become a Candy Express® owner, you immediately become the beneficiary of the corporate management team's individual and collective expertise.
  • The Candy Express® Operating Manual. Years in perfecting, the Book, as it is known, has 541 pages which describes everything you need to know to manage and operate a Candy Express® franchise successfully.
  • You Become an Expert Before You Ever Open Your Doors. Training is both in the classroom and in the field. By the time you are finished you will become an expert in: merchandising procedures, retailing principles, personnel management, in-store policies, inventory control, merchandise display and ordering, basic accounting, bookkeeping, customer service, and more.
  • A Site for Success. Candy Express® takes a lot of the worry away about site selection. We will put our considerable expertise to work in assisting franchisees in reviewing potential locations, approving only those that meet critical demographic, traffic flow, and median income qualification. Candy Express® will also provide professional expertise and assistance in lease negotiation.
  • We will Make Your Grand Opening Even Grander. An experienced Candy Express® Manager will be with you every step of the way before, during, and after the critical first few days of your Grand Opening.
  • Advertising That Works Harder. We pool franchisee monies to maximize the return from your advertising budget. The Candy Express® Management Team then provides on-going promotional advertising, because a key to your success will be the excitement and increased sales this adds to your store, all of which translates into greater profits for you!
  • "The Coach". You will be assigned a District Manager, at Candy Express® Headquarters, who will be readily available to answer all your questions, help you solve problems and advise you on your day-to-day operations.
  • Merchandising Made Easy. After your Grand Opening we will assist you to be sure your shelves are well stocked with the proper merchandise mix. We will also update you on new, exciting products from an ever expanding, dynamic candy industry.
  • Become a Super Manager. The Candy Express® System includes a complete supply of necessary forms to help you operate and track your business effectively. No matter what your business background, The System will turn you into a first rate manager ... almost overnight.

Corporate Offices
3320 Greencastle Road, Burtonsville, Maryland 20866 USA
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